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Jacksonville Custom Screen Room Design

Screen Room, Jacksonville Window Contractors, Martin Home ExteriorsEvery custom screen room by Martin Home Exteriors is custom designed and custom built to meet your needs and wants. While most rooms are built with a semi flat roof attached to your overhang. We can extend this roof out to provide a BBQ porch next to your screen room. I constructed my first screen room in 1992. With Martin Home Exteriors, you can take advantage of years of design!

Gabled Roof, Vaulted Ceiling

In order to achieve a taller ceiling, an open air feeling, we can build the room with a pitched room – or vaulted ceilings – , even add shingles to match your existing roof. At Martin Home Exteriors we are not “stuck in our ways”. I look at every house with the question “What would I do if this was my house?” If we cannot find a suitable design idea I will let you know, I will not build a structure that is doomed to failure.

Screen Walls Under an Existing Lanai

If you have a house with an existing roof, we can add screen very easily. These rooms are usually built in less than a day and are very affordable.

Convert Your Screen Room or Lanai Into a Glass Room.

We can convert your existing structure into an energy efficient glass room using removable windows. Building code can present obstacles, but we know code, if it can be built, we know how.

If you’re looking for a Jacksonville Custom Screen Room Design Specialist, then give us a call today at 904-737-5009 or complete our request estimate form.

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