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Hardiplank Siding – Ease, Convenience, and Quality

Florida weather is extreme; there is no denying that fact. Whether you live on the coast and are subjected to hurricanes, in the interior where you deal with high temperatures, or anywhere in between, your house takes a beating. Hardiplank siding is designed to deal with weather extremes and continues to hold up, year after year.

Quality Pays

My grandmother always told me that we were too poor to buy cheap. She is so right. When you cover your house with aluminum, wood, or vinyl sidings the costs may seem smaller, but over the life of the product, you end up spending so much more.

Wood siding, made from plywood, simply doesn’t hold up against the weather. It starts to deteriorate almost immediately, splitting and inviting in insect infestations that further damage the product. As the siding is attacked by both weather and insects, rot sets in and no amount of paint will solve the problems.

Vinyl siding is prone to cracking and blowing off. Aluminum dents and can also be blown off in high winds. Neither takes paint well, making color changes difficult at best.

Jacsonville Hardiplank siding is made of cement fiber, making it durable, resistant to the elements, and easy to paint. The paints used last up to four times longer than they would on wood siding, and no insect eats cement, no matter how enthusiastic it might be. Additionally, the siding is applied with regard to the weather conditions it must endure, ensuring improved performance.

Ease of Care

If your Hardiplank siding gets dirty, all you need to do is turn on a power washer and wash down the house. Your painting cycle is greatly decreased, reducing the number of times you need to paint, which saves you considerable sums of money. Add the 50 year warranty and you can’t find any product that is easier to take care of.

Convenient Service

With over 10,000 customers in the Houston area, one contractor can provide not only installation of Hardiplank, but also consultations that will help you design the exact look you desire. Improved curb appeal also increases the value of your home, a real convenience if you wish to sell at any point.

Finding a Contractor

While not significantly different than installing other, cheaper versions of exterior siding, the installation of Hardiplank siding requires a bit of additional expertise. When you call around or search online for a contractor, make sure to ask the following questions:

  • What kind of training do your installers receive?

  • Do you send out construction managers with every project?

  • How often will I hear from your crew regarding their progress?

  • How long have you been in the business?

  • Do you have all the necessary permits and licenses?

  • Can you offer me references?

  • Do you follow NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry) standards?

  • How many projects like this one have you completed in the last year?

  • Does your company carry liability insurance and worker compensation?

When all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, you will know that you are dealing with a reliable Jacksonville siding contractor who will do the job right.

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