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bakersville exterior contractorIn 1995, Martin Home Exteriors was formed and since has completed over 1,400 exterior projects for residents and property owners in St. Johns County and surrounding areas. Our years of experience have allowed us to provide expert remodeling and repairs for our community.

We provide our customers with top quality products and superior services. We take great pride in our work and offer quality, skilled craftsmanship for any exterior repair or installation service needed.

Siding Replacement & Repair in Bakersville

The materials used for the siding of your home are just as important as the type of insulation, roofing materials, and energy efficiency of your windows and doors. Your siding is like your skin, protecting and surrounding the outer layers of your home from the elements and more.

Bakersville Window Repairs and Replacement

Unless your home is brand new and you specifically installed the highest energy efficient windows available, your windows are probably not living up to par. Windows should not only protect you from the elements, but should also do the most they can to save you money on energy costs.

Screen Room Additions in Bakersville

A screen room in Florida is a great space to enjoy, especially since due to humidity and the close proximity to water on all sides in FL, mosquitoes and other insects tend to run rampant.

Since much of the year is spent outdoors, it only makes sense to have a room where you can enjoy some protection to make the outdoor time more fun.

Professional Gutter Installation in Bakersville

It is important to take your gutters into consideration when you are checking the exterior of your home for damage or repairs. Be sure to check the stability of the gutter system to verify that it is attached firmly and not loose anywhere. Also be sure to check for debris.

Gutter covers help to keep debris out of the gutter system. When they are installed, the gutters will not have to be cleaned as often, and when they are it will be much easier to do because clogs will not have formed that you have to dig or pressure wash out.

Any time you need help in assessing damage or repairs, be sure to call on a professional who can spot problems that you may not be able to see or know to look for. Let our professionals at Martin Home Exteriors prove to you why we are experts at exterior repair and installation services in St. Johns County. To learn more, just call us at the number below.


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